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2018 Rider Information

The field has been divided into 3 groups/separate races based on ability/age. There will be 3 separate Leagues with points scored for the first FIFTEEN in each race group counted towards an Overall for each group plus category prizes for each group.

The first ten in each race will score: 20-17-15-13-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.

There will be promotion/demotion between groups if riders perform above/below the ability of their group. The Overall Winner of the 2017 NMRRL will be determined by the NMRRL Committee based on performances of all the groups.

Each evening 2 of the groups will race with the other group marshaling or having a night off. Riders will race 10 evenings, marshal 3 times with 2 nights off.

Marshaling/Nights off are determined by group and NOT on an individual basis.

Please ride in your club jersey if you belong to a club.

1) Marshalling is COMPULSORY. A rider must turn up to marshal on their designated night(s). All marshals have to sign on. A substitute is allowed if a rider can't make it or is on holiday but should notify myself or the nominated organiser in advance.
2) If a rider misses their marshaling duty they have the chance to marshal the following week or at the next race they turn up to ride. It is also possible for them to marshal instead of a night off.
3) If a rider still does not marshal, the rider will be disqualified from the rest of the 2017 NMRRL.
4) If riders are on holiday they should make me aware of the dates so another marshaling date can be arranged beforehand.

Marshals Other Info:
All marshals MUST sign on by 6.45 PM LATEST (6.35pm last 2 events) and attend the Marshals briefing. Also take the 'Cycle Race In Progress' signs and fix in position before the race and return them to the HQ after the race if requested to do so.

Time of Start: 7.15pm (Last race: 7.05pm due to daylight).
Signing on will open- 6.15pm. Signing on will close - 7.00pm (6.45pm last event).


Race 1. May 3rd: Dinnington: Groups A & C
Race 2. May 10th: Torworth: Groups B & C
Race 3. May 17th: Dinnington: Groups A & B
Race 4. May 24th: Serlby: Groups B & C
Race 5. May 31st: Dinnington: Groups A & C
Race 6. June 7th: Torworth: Groups B & C
Race 7. June 14th: Serlby: Groups A & C
Race 8. June 21st: Dinnington: Groups A & B
Race 9. June 28th: Torworth: Groups A & C
Race 10. July 5th: Serlby: Groups A & B
Race 11. July 12th: Dinnington: Groups B & C
Race 12. July 19th: Torworth: Groups A & B
Race 13. July 26th: Dinnington: Groups A & C
Race 14. August 2nd: Serlby: Groups B & C
Race 15. August 9th: Dinnington: Groups A & B.

TORWORTH/SERLBY. HQ - Harworth Sports Centre.

- Dinnington Rugby Club.

TORWORTH CIRCUIT: Start/Finish on Baulk Lane, continue for approximately 0.5 miles to junction with A634, LEFT onto A634, continue for nearly 2 miles, LEFT onto A638, continue for 1.5 miles, left onto Baulk Lane for 0.7 miles to complete 1 lap. Lap distance: 4.7 miles x 7 laps = 32.9 miles

SERLBY CIRCUIT: Start/Finish on Snape Lane, proceed to the junction with the A638, LEFT onto A638, continue towards Bawtry passing through Scrooby Village for approximately 2 miles, LEFT onto A614, proceed along the A614 for 1.5 miles to Serlby crossroads, LEFT onto Snape Lane continue on Snape Lane through Serlby Park for 1.5 miles to complete one lap. Lap distance: 5.3 miles x 6 laps = 32 miles.

DINNINGTON CIRCUIT: Start on Lodge Lane outside Rugby Club, continue for approximately 1.3 miles, LEFT at Gildingwells onto Burrs Lane/Gildingwells Road and continue for 1 mile to Letwell (narrow road, take care especially on all corners/bends) sharp LEFT in Letwell onto Ramper Road for 250 yards, LEFT onto Lamb Lane (B6463), continue for 1.3 miles, LEFT onto Leys Lane for 0.8 mile, sharp LEFT onto Lodge Lane, continue for 500/600 yards to the Finish to complete 1 lap. Lap distance: 4.8 miles x 6 laps = 28.8 miles (or 5 laps/24 miles if weather conditions are poor).

NOTE: At the Start can all riders give due consideration to other road users please and stay well over on your own side of the road.

If you lose your number, you lose your deposit. NO NUMBER NO RIDE!!!

A Race Coordinator is appointed who selects 2 deputies to take complete charge of the event. He will delegate responsibility for all aspects of the race. It is assumed that he and his deputies will assume responsibility for 3 of the major duties which are as follows:
Signing-on: Make sure sheets are up to date. Check licenses, etc.
Chief Marshal: Allocate and ensure sufficient marshals at all relevant points with most experienced on difficult/important junctions etc. Issue every marshal with jacket and flag.
Race Observers x 2: Must be experienced and capable of race assessment regarding dangerous/reckless riding and of reporting impartially.

Lead and Following cars with drivers (2 Lead + 2 Following with 2 Standby in the case of breaks). Race Coordinators should not drive themselves. All cars must carry warning/flashing lights.
Lead Cars: Should be at least 100 meters in front of the groups at all times to allow adequate warning to marshals and other road users.
First Aider/Medics. Must ride in Following car(s).
Camera Operators (Judges) x 2. Must be capable of setting-up and operating. Essential for correct race results.
Start/Finish Line. Deliver and set-up equipment; Lap board, bell, flags, etc. Ensure finish line is adequate and in place.


NMRRL events are sponsored by: BIKE BOX ALAN
42 Whiston Vale, Whiston, Rotherham S60 4JJ
Tel & Fax: 01709 365408. Mobile: 078 1234 6826

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