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The NMRRL (North Midlands Road Race League), held under the banner of TLI Cycling is a series of evening handicap road races held on a Thursday night. Held over 3 different venues to the east of Sheffield.

Race Format

The field will be split into 3 groups based on age/ability. Each event will be contested by 2 of the groups with the other group marshalling/organising/night off. Each group will race their own race.

There will be promotion/demotion between groups if riders perform above/below the ability of their group. The Overall Winner of the 2020 NMRRL will be determined by the NMRRL Committee based on performances from of all the groups.

Riders will ride in 8 races and marshal 3 times with 1 night off. Torworth & Serlby will have traffic management operating at the events, Dinnington will operate the same as in previous years.

League Points

Points will now be awarded to the first 15 riders in each race: 20, 17, 15, 13, 11 to 1.


Categories are determined by a) the competitors age on the day of the event and b) in any dispute on age or gender grounds by the details entered on the competitors' original Birth Certificate.

U/16 U/19 U23 23 - 29 30 - 34 35 - 39 40 - 44
JV JR Espoirs SEN Master 1 Master 2 A
45 - 49 50 - 54 55 - 59 60 - 64 65 - 69 70 - 74 74 +














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